Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A hiatus from the hiatus

We now interrupt this hiatus to bring you this breaking news.

I'm way too busy to be blogging, but I just felt compelled to pour my heart on about how the move is going.

The move itself went somewhat well, the movers were polite, hard working and careful. Nonetheless, both our daughters' Ikea desks didn't survive the move, because they're assembled with cheap wooden pegs...

I'm still in the midst of trying to find everything and organizing, the kitchen pantry still isn't finished so I have boxes of food just sitting in the kitchen, it's chaos in every room, there's no window treatment other than the plastic table cloths from Dollarama we pinned up (très chic!). We discovered we have waaaaaay too much crap, even the movers said so (that must be a bad thing, because they move crap for a living! To quote ThriftyDecorChick who coined the term, we MUST decrapify!)

There's only one official phone jack in the whole house and there is no cable for TV!!?!! Were these people AMISH? Well, no, there was satellite cable but there's no way we're going satellite. So the cable company couldn't hook up the service on this call. We have to book another call so that they can wire the house from scratch....No TV, how will I live? The Good Wife and Parenthood had these great cliffhangers, Glee finally came back after a hiatus, Aaaaargh! (I know, I know, I can watch online. It's just that I'm frustrated.) At least the wireless Internet is working. Imagine otherwise no TV AND no Internet? Kill me now. (Yes, I'm supposed to be unpacking, but a girl needs a break now and then.)

But here's the kicker: there's a leak from the shower in the main bathroom coming through our brand new kitchen ceiling and potlight. Yaaaaaaaay!!! Cue fanfare music.

And we can't use the master ensuite shower because the grout is cracked and, well, we don't want any(more) water damage. I have a call in with a tiler to install a new shower tile floor, but in the meanwhile...

So as a result of all this, my whole family hates me because I'm the one who wanted to move. At least the cat and the dog seem fairly content. As long as they have food, they don't care.

I know that in a few months, when the dust settles, everyone will see the method to my madness, but right now, not so much, lol!

On the bright side, in the part of the kitchen where the pantry is going, there is no ceiling and my drywall guy is in these days to finish that. He will be able to fix the ceiling once the leak is repaired.

And we do have another shower in the basement. Not all is lost. Just darn inconvenient!

Well, thanks for letting me unload. Back on hiatus to deal with the whole mess!