Sunday, September 30, 2012

From Drab to Fab End Table

I found this end table at a garage sale. It was nearing the end of the sale, the time where the sellers are getting tired and don't want to take back in what's left over, so this is usually a good opportunity to negotiate.

And thus this table was a really good bargain.

I don't have a before picture unfortunately. Does this happen to you, you are just too eager to start and you forget? Either that or the fact that my garage is full to the rafters with furniture to redo and I just lose track of what I have photographed. It's a serious issue, folks. Thankfully, I have rescheduled my appointment at Rustic and Refined Interiors and hopefully I can finally make some room! Hubby will be thrilled. (Did I ever tell you what a patient man he is?)

Just imagine it a drab brown. Boring. Ordinary. But still very solid and lots of life left in her.

And so it got a coat of ASCP Old White, then I stencilled this design in French Linen. I followed with some distressing and a mixture of clear and dark wax to make it look slightly aged.

Did you notice something different on my pics? Yes folks, I am now up to speed on how to put a watermark with Pic Monkey on my photos, thanks to today's post by Suzan over at Simply Vintageous. Sometimes, it's just a matter of someone pointing you in the right direction. Some people get there sooner, and other folks like me take the long way there, lol! But I will get there and prove that you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks!

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