Wednesday, April 6, 2011

There are ducks in my pool!

I'm a follower of Sherry's blog, Annie's cupboard. She moved to a new place recently and has been delighting us with the saga of the ducks nesting in her backyard and the sweet duckling pictures she posted.

Well, lo and behold, yesterday I had my own little duck adventure. Check out this lovely couple who decided to take a break and frolic in the mucky waters of our unopened pool:

Aren't they sweet? I'm sure they're in the midst of mating season. As attested by the bubbly swirls in the water, the drake kept spinning around playfully while his "wife" just watched, while undoubtedly thinking to herself: "What a goof!".

They swam around for about half an hour, then gracefully flew away to continue the rest of their "honeymoon" elsewhere.