Friday, July 13, 2012

Antoinette shelf and some sad news

First off, I'd like to take a moment to mention my blogging friend Suzan's latest post over at Simply Vintageous. In the blogging world, you get to "meet" virtual kindred spirits with whom you connect over similar passions, in this case, refinishing and painting furniture. Suzan had discovered such a friend at Tara, the young woman who authored the website and blog, recently died tragically. She was 31. She had left an accounting job to pursue her passion of painting furniture. She had just posted about how excited she was to introduce Miss Mustard Seed's new line of milk paint. Planning for the future. 

Her life might have been short, but she lived it right: plan for the future, but live like there's no tomorrow by pursuing your passion. I did not get a chance to discover Tara or her blog, but learning of her passing is inspiring me to turn things up a notch and just bite into life with even more intensity. May she rest in peace.


When I think of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Antoinette colour, I infallibly think of Marie Antoinette. It's such a soft, feminine colour, a beautiful pink, a not in your face kind of pink. It's a Grande Dame colour. Very ladylike, very proper. Fit for a Queen.

I picked up this little shelf for a whole dollar at a garage sale. It's only plastic but it's so very well detailed, it looks like carved wood. 

It was originally gold and had been spray painted brown. The brown had to go. Had to. 

Since it's such a feminine motif, I thought of Antoinette right away. 

The dark wax was very appropriate for this piece and it enhanced the flowery details in the most wonderful way.

Could you see this in a little girl's room, accentuated with pretty "objets"?

Or it could be a sweet "ciel de lit" over a baby girl's crib. Something like this:

That's what a whole dollar can get you these days, folks. You just have to see the potential.

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