Saturday, February 11, 2012


I don't know what it was with the month of January, and now with a third of February. 

No posts. 
No inspiration.  
No creativity. 

My mind was a blank slate. I hate that since things were so quiet on the home front and with my part time home job, I could have gotten back to making jewelry (something I love and that I put on the back burner when we bought this house last year and went through all the renos, the packing, the move, etc.) repainting some of the furniture I have waiting for a redo, taken pictures, crafting, sewing, anything!! Didn't even read a book, hardly went to my drop-in fitness class. 

I want to be so productive, so creative, I long to achieve great things and realize my dreams, and yet, here I sit.

What happened?

It seems like I went into hibernation.
Perhaps I'm part bear and I need that slowdown to recharge my body and my brain.

It was like my life came to a frozen standstill.

De tout, de rien

De tout, de rien

Or perhaps it's just that I need a swift kick in the pants. Girl, enough with the nonsense. 

I need to get off my
De tout, de rien
and get the show on the road. 

The groundhog said it will be an early spring, the robins are back already,
 proving him right. 

The days are getting longer, so rise and shine.

How do YOU get inspired?