Friday, December 14, 2012

Today's post is black

Today's post is not about furniture or decorating or paint or anything lighthearted like that. Today's post is about trying to understand. It's about sending our prayers and our thoughts to the families in Connecticut. It's about hugging our loved ones tonight, and remembering what is important.

My heart is sad and heavy, I cannot comprehend this. I could live a million years and never get it. So many of us work so hard to do so much good in the world and to love and care for our families, and then we hear about tragedies like this and we fail to find the words to express how we feel. We can only pray and support each other.

Go home. Go home and hug your loved ones tight tonight.

My Christmas tree is staying dark tonight in memory of the victims. I know, it's a small gesture, perhaps without much impact, but it's how I feel.