Friday, December 10, 2010

My Grownup Christmas List

As I get older, I find I want less and less for myself at Christmas. You learn instead to value the things that are really important in life: love, family, friends, etc. So, in that mindset, here is my Grownup Christmas List. Feel free to add your own Grownup Wishes!

I wish for:

- Yes, Peace on Earth, one can always hope!
- Religious tolerance.
- The abolition of discrimination in any way, shape or form.
- Everyone to have at least one excellent friend, the kind that even if you don't talk to everyday, you can just pick up where you left off, the kind who accepts you exactly the way you are, the kind that makes you laugh through your tears!
- No more need for orphanages, for every child to have loving parents, a good home where they feel safe and warm, where they are well nourished and nurtured.
- Ditto for animal shelters! And that every pet owner was as devoted to their pet as their pets are to them, that they would care for their furry friends from beginning to end!
- Everyone who can to give to a charity of their choice this Christmas, to spread some of that joy and abundance.
- Everyone to give green gifts in containers and wrapping materials that are repurposed and/or reusable, so that we leave less of a carbon footprint behind this Christmas. (Cookies in a vintage or interesting container from a thrift store, a beautiful old picture in a frame also from a thrift store, a vintage scarf or tablecloth, etc.)
- Everyone to in fact reduce the insane consumerism that occurs this time of year to instead focus on more important things (see above about giving to charity).

For some fabulous ideas on how to reduce waste this Christmas, I invite you to visit some of the blogs I follow. I'm so greatly impressed by some of them, their creativity knows no bound!


  1. Things really would be perfect if you got everything on your wish list... I hope you do! :)
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my Christmas post. I had to laugh at your ALL CAPS... lol!
    Happy Holidays!
    ~ Jo :)

  2. That is an excellent wishlist!

    I wish everyone of your wishes would come true. I also wish that there would be NO abuse on women or other human being for that matter.
    I also wish everyone who be able to eat, be warm and safe.

    Thanks for adding me as a fave shop in Etsy!