Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Upside of Down

After resolving a number of issues, to which I have to add the hot water heater breaking down a couple of days ago, our ensuite throne needing new parts and an ant problem, we are somewhat settling in our new house. There is still some chaos, still some boxes unpacked, I am still trying to "decrapify" and organize, but I'm slowly making headways. I'm hoping to be able to hold a garage sale in the next couple of weeks to get rid of all our unwanted junk, that is if weather permits, as it has been so wet this past month! I'm also finding I can't put my decorating accessories in quite the same spots in this house and I have to figure out where to put everything, which means moving things around until they are visually pleasing. This process is not as unpleasant however, it's like trying to accessorize an outfit! I'm trying hard not to buy new things and "shopping at home" instead, meaning using what I already have.

I knew however that we were home when I spotted this gorgeous creature in the golf course behind our house:

A blue heron!

And a few minutes later, this cute family of Canada geese:

Quite a sight, isn't it? Suddenly, all the apprehensions and all the doubts I had felt about moving melted away and I felt so serene! This made up for all the nonsense we went through. To be able to enjoy a little slice of nature in our backyard is truly a godsend. (If you read this older post, you'll see how we can appreciate this backyard soooo much more!)

We found an old cupola detached from its base on top of the garage. The wood is rotten, so we can't put it back on, but I found a company in the next town that makes cupolas, so I am really excited to get that feature back on the house. And this gorgeous blue heron inspired me: I am going to top it with a blue heron weathervane!


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  2. Hi, of course, great minds think alike! Too bad I don't speak greek!

  3. Great idea about the Blue Heron weathervane! We see them occasionally here in Portland, it's always a treat.