Monday, June 20, 2011

My Garden Tour Part II

Good morning! Blogger has updated its picture uploading feature and I like it a lot more! I was able to upload all the photos I wanted all at once. Progress!

So let me continue taking you on my garden tour, since I can't take you on a house tour, things are not organized up to my standards just yet. In any case, it's summer, it's too nice to be spending time in the house cleaning and organizing, don't you agree?

Here's a peaceful little oasis in our backyard. My husband wanted to leave this bench at the old house and I said, "What for?" Glad I didn't listen to him, it looks so nice here.

Now here is a strange container. Before the renos, the house had an old, useless, indoor barbecue that was probably not safe. We had the whole thing taken down to replace it with a bank of pantry cupboards. Now this indoor barbecue was topped with a copper vent. Imagine this empty, turned around and hanging from the ceiling. (Unfortunately, I can't find the before pic!) Not wanting to throw away a piece of copper, I asked the demolishing crew to put it aside. I was going to sell it to a metal scrapper, until I had a divine inspiration. Turn it into a planter! I like the fact that I can keep it as a piece of the house's history. It needs polishing to restore its shine and I am planning to put a curlicue wood decoration at the front to dress it up a bit.

Now this was the barbecue door! Again, I thought it was too pretty to scrap, so it is now in the garden. My friend thinks it looks hideous and keeps trying to get me to throw it out, but I don't want to and it's my house, so there, lol! 
Again, I like the fact that it's part of the house's history.

The heart shaped curlicues of the barbecue door are echoed in this half-moon garden gate. Beyond the gate is the golf course where the blue heron sometimes swoops in and where the goose family lives. Such peacefulness!

 More of those lovely columbines I so adore. This variety is called "Pink Swan". 
They remind me of little ballerinas.

 Honeysuckle growing near the gate. Love this pink-orangey-yellow!

We now move to the front, where this little red weigelia is in full bloom. It contrasts 
nicely against the blue salvia.

No idea what these purple flowers are, but love 'em!

Now we're back in the backyard, where I am in the midst of creating a rosebed. I'm a huge fan of roses, always loved them, always will. Isn't this colour wonderful?

And for the grand finale, a perfect pink rose with a little drop of dew.
I swear I didn't stage this, Mother Nature did!

Hope you enjoyed my little garden tour! I'll update it as it evolves throughout the summer.


  1. You have such a green thumb.
    Me...not so much.


  2. Beautiful garden natural and full of eye candy. Love it..this you can see is taken care of by someone who loves what they are doing:)

  3. It was so nice of you to stop by my place. It is always fun to meet fellow bloggers, and gardeners! Both of your salvaged pieces are wonderful. Around here the common name of your purple flower is "spider wort". Luckily the flower is prettier than its name.

    When you have such a lovely garden, who would want to be in the house?!

  4. gardening is so very rewarding.
    and it is such a joy after a long white winter.

    xxx great job

  5. Your photos are amazing which in turn clearly means you live in heaven here! Thanks for sharing!

    Take care,