Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cool Dinner on a Hot Day

The weatherman announced that today was going to be a record day for heat. Right at this moment, with the humidity factor, it's like 116 Farenheit or 47 Celsius. Yikes! Today is definitely a good day for a cold dinner.

To stay hydrated, I am planning to whip up a pitcher of agua fresca, which is a cool Mexican drink of water, sugar, ice and fruit:

The starter course will be a bowl of gazpacho with perhaps a dollop of light sour cream. This vegetable cold soup is so tasty and refreshing, full of nutrients and very low in fat.

Photo credit: Andre Baranowsk

The main course will be this cold poached salmon with a cucumber dill sauce from, served with a mixed green salad. This is one of my favourite ways to serve salmon!

To finish off, perhaps a fruit salad or some lemon sherbert, or, since this is such a virtuously low fat, low cal meal, a nice trip to DQ for a soft serve cone!

Photo credit: Dairy Queen

Stay cool my friends!


  1. I will try this drink for sure, it looks so fresh!

    Now I make gaspacho as well. I throw green pepper,tomatoes (canned), onion, garlic, cucumber,basil,oregano, evoo, and a bit of italian bread crumbs in my trusty 1977 viking blender and presto changeo....soup!

    this is a recipe that my mom made in the 70's. It always was a big hit at parties.

    I also make something similar with the salmon. It is Martha Stewart poached salmon with green goddess dressing....delicious

    But I will try your recipe because I just love dill.

    And you can't go wrong with a DQ cone! I love a vanilla soft serve dipped in chocolate....blast from the past!

  2. i would start with the yummy soft serve.


  3. Oh, those sound good! I love dill, I will have to try making that. following you now, thanks for your kind words about my stolen bike.

  4. This looks like a perfect menu for a hot day and you certainly have it hot.
    Thank you so much for you very kind words. It has been heart-warming to receive such lovely messages from around the world.