Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Discarded Jewel Becomes Tiffany Star (and Paris on the Brain)

I'm obsessed with chairs. Particularly when they're left at the curb. I feel it's my mission in life to save them.

So when I saw this little gem, of course, she had to come home. 

(Why do I make chairs girls? It has to be those curvy legs I think. 
If it was a big fat recliner, then it would definitely be a boy, don't you think?)

My daughter said this chair was sick. Which, in her generation's lingo, is a good thing.

Lots of appeal, that's for sure.

The seat was well upholstered, but it didn't have a trim. I'm not quite into that Restoration Hardware deconstructed look at this point, which is what it reminded me of. Plus the colour of the fabric was somewhat faded and sported some dirt marks.

 Loved the silver and although you can't tell in the picture, it was really, really badly painted. It had been spray painted, but not very well and there were drips all over which had to be sanded down.

I painted the seat (yes, I painted the fabric!) with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg. The paint went on amazingly well. It covered perfectly with one coat, but I put two coats on anyway for durability. I then waxed it and buffed it. It looked amazing! 

I hot glued on a silver braid trim on that unfinished edge.

I then painted the frame with ASCP French Linen, but I really was not feeling it. I missed the silver.

I got a little jar of Martha Stewart liquid silver gilding and applied it. I can't believe how far that stuff goes! It's a tiny pot, maybe slightly bigger than a bottle of nail polish and I did the whole chair and still have nearly half the pot left!

I'm thrilled with the results. The silver contrasts beautifully with the Duck Egg and it definitely has a Tiffany appeal to it.

I have to say that I was greatly inspired by Amy's chair at Maison Decor, although her  blue is closer to the true Tiffany blue because it is a custom mixed colour she created.

I'm so amazed at how well the seat turned out with the ASCP! The wax gives it a beautiful sheen.

Sterling darling.

It's so elegant, I'm still debating whether or not I should keep it or sell it!


This Friday, I get to realize one of my biggest dreams. You see that beautiful grand dame on the left side of my blog, Miss Eiffel? Well, I will finally get to meet her in person. Yes, my hubby and I are flying out to Paris for two glorious weeks. Two. Weeks. I'm so thrilled. Tick one off the old bucket list! I am planning on taking a gazillion pictures, I have even bought an extra SD card for the camera. I will definitely post some pictures. À bientôt!!

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  1. I recently scored a very similar chair in my neighborhood. The seat is crunchy when you sit on it...not a good thing....I'm sure that it will need to be recovered. I love the inspiration. Your chair is stunning!!

  2. Wow. Wow.Wow. Gorgeous Nicole - I absolutely love it!

  3. Have fun in Paris!!! And I love the should keep it!

  4. What a great the silver!

  5. It turned out beautiful! I don't think I could part with it if it were me! xo

  6. Oh my goodness that is gorgeous! I am a little chair obsessed myself, and I pick up every single one that I come across.. I would've never thought that you can paint the fabric..I just recently started painting with ASCP and I am totally loving it. Great job!

  7. Fantastic find. Your redesign & photos are equally fab!

  8. Great work on the chair! It turned out beautifully, never would have thought to do ASCP on the fabric. Have fun in Paris!

  9. Great job, Nicole - it looks fabulous!! Happy Friday ~

  10. Your have turned her into a gorgeous beauty!

  11. Thank you for linking this beauty to Potpourri Friday!

  12. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your chair. I bought a french-y chair at a thrift store this week, and though I've been painting tous les choses in blanc, l'argent just seems right for her. (Oui, I, too name my chairs with girls names!) I haven't named her yet, but she's going to be roommates with Martha and Annie Jane, among others.

    Hope you're having a lovely time in Paris!
    -Revi (a new follower)

  13. That looks fabulous! I must say I do like the silver.

    P.S. Bon voyage!

  14. I have 2 similar chairs, you just gave me some ideas. They looks great!

  15. I can't believe someone put that chair to the curb! Love the lines--it is so a girl! You did a lovely job with it.

  16. Oh lucky you to find this chair and oh so beautiful transformation. And lucky you again for getting to go to Paris!

  17. LOVE your transformation... I'd keep it for sure!! The colors are perfect on it, very Tiffany. What a great blog you have!

    Hugs, Edie & Marie

  18. This is so cute! I just love what you did to this chair!

  19. Wow! That looks great! I fell in love with chairs too lately!