Thursday, July 19, 2012

Petite table demi-lune de Paris de couleur Versailles

Most of you don't speak French. At least you don't think you do, but I bet you can make out what my title says!

I bought this little demi-lune table at a garage sale. It was wobbly and blah. I forgot to take a before picture, but trust me, it was blah. I used Gorilla glue to stabilize it, then painted it with ASCP Versailles. Such a lovely cottage chic colour, I love it!

I really wanted a graphic on it. Something French. We are going to Paris in a few weeks, so I'm really in a Paris state of mind. I picked this lovely design from The Graphic Fairy and tried to transfer it using the wax paper method.

It failed. Miserably. Everybody else on the blogosphere has used this method successfully, except me it seems. It got all smeared.

I painted over it.

I then tried the CitraSolv method. Found some CitraSolv by miracle at my local grocery store. The @*$*&@ spray nozzle on the bottle broke. Had to use a paper towel to apply. That method too failed miserably. It just made a mess. Gaaaah.

I painted over it.

I then decided to just use the tried and true graphite transfer method and then going over with a Sharpie.  I opted for a different, less detailed graphic. A laurel wreath with the word Paris in the centre. Lovely. I copy the image with the graphite paper, go over it with my Sharpie. Success, it looks lovely!! At that point, I'm really tired, it's late at night, I go to bed.

The next day I look at it. It's totally off centre. Duuuh. For a split second, I think to myself, just leave it, nobody will notice. As if on cue, my husband walks in, looks at it and says "It's off centre." Thanks honey. Captain Obvious. Meh, who am I kidding, I can't live with it.

Soooooo, I sanded it down and, you guessed it, I painted over it.

This time, I redo my transfer being careful to centre it well. And it works. It pays to be persistent and pig-headed. I distress it and seal it with clear and dark waxes. I tell you, the road to beauty is paved with all sorts of obstacles, but I'm finally happy with it:

See? Well centered graphic.

I should really sell this table $500 just to make up for my labour, but it's not fair to charge people for my, hum, shall we say, lack of savoir-faire? I'm learning, folks, I'm learning!


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  1. I am so impressed Nicole - I have tried that particular pattern I can't tell you how many times - I have a really hard time transferring images!

  2. The table is adorable and your persistence to 'get it right' is impressive! I'm excited you are going to Paris! I myself will have my first trip there sometime next year! I am beyond excited about it!!!! Hugs, Linda

  3. Your table turned out did a great job! Hopped over from Furniture Feature Friday and happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit and follow me back. Blessings ~ Judy

  4. Your little table is tres magnifique! Thank you for sharing your transfer woes...personally I tried and failed the Mod Podge method. Seems my HP printer that I *think* is printing black ink is in reality purple ink. At least that's what ended up on the project before I sanded it off. Now that I see your Sharpie graphic I might just try that method...who knew a Sharpie could look so awesome?! Thats where kind bloggers like you are busy making the crafting world a better place. Thank you!

  5. LOL...I worked all afternoon on mine too!! I think we are kindred spirits! :) I am now following you, well have to stay in touch!