Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Still Inspired by Paris

You see the beautiful blue door in the bigger picture in the following collage?

That was the first picture I took in Paris. I love doors and boy, was I in for a treat in Paris. This was "just a regular" apartment door near where we stayed. Beautiful door, beautiful colour. 

The piece of furniture on the top right was at the Little Palace museum. I thought the blue was so beautiful that I told myself I would definitely paint something in that colour.

There are a couple more blue doors in the collage, one of which is a door to an apartment where Van Gogh lived (the one with the number 54). 

The tapestry on the bottom left is from Versailles. The ceiling and chandelier on the right is at the Garnier Opera House. The ceiling, which also contain that blue, was painted by Marc Chagall.

So when I found this gorgeous antique server at the curb side (yes, someone was throwing it out! We have pretty good garbage around here!), it was one of those moments, you know, when you turn the corner and the heavens open up with beams of light point to it and the angels going "Haaaaaaaa"! And I thought, there's my blue piece!

It was in perfect shape.

It has all its original, gorgeous brass hardware.

Ian Watson was here, lol! (This was in one of the drawers.)

The only flaw was a piece missing in one of the drawers. I patched it up with wood filler.

I used Aubusson Blue from Annie Sloan, which is a perfect match to the blue in my collage.

There she is all done.

My formal china matches perfectly!

I used the dark wax all over, which really gave the blue a rich, deep tone.

The brass hardware looks even better against the blue.

Ian Watson and the hole got covered with some lovely wallpaper I found at the 
Reuse Centre in our city.

You can really see the dark wax at work here.


The lighting was not ideal, even though it was daytime. I used a flash here, not ideal in this instance, but it really shows the colour and the dark undertones well.

The server is now at Refined and Rustic Interiors awaiting its new home.

I'm so glad I took so many pictures in Paris (almost a thousand, thank God for digital cameras!!). These will inspire me for years to come, not only for the colours, but also for the beautiful styles. Paris has so many treasures, you can't help return home with your head full of beautiful images and decorating ideas. And if I happen to run out of inspiration? Gosh, I'll have to go back, won't I?


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  1. As I was reading your post I thought to myself "she would LOVE Annie Sloan Aubusson!"
    Great minds think alike!
    The server is absolutely stunning!



  2. You've done it again Nicole!!! Gorgeous!

  3. Lovely blog...I love the collage of French doors. Thanks for sharing!

  4. The server is stunning...wonderful transformation!!