Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh La La! Chair

Hello all!

I hear the temperature will be nice and warm on Sunday, which means spring is slowly creeping in! Sooo excited.

Today, I have a little chair I found cubside a long time ago. It was actually brass coloured metal. I spray painted (or sprainted as Suzan from Simply Vintageous would say, lol!) it black for some reason, but then decided that it needed to be more girly than that.

The White Pear Tree

I resprayed it white.

The White Pear Tree
Doesn't she have pretty legs?

I then painted some pink stripes. I used a ruler and a black sharpie to highlight the pink stripes. The pink paint was an "oops" colour. Pretty mistake, wouldn't you say? Usually, oops colours are ghastly, but this one was really nice.

The White Pear Tree

I printed the oh la la!, transferred it with graphite paper and painted it black. I finished it with a santin polyurethane on the seat to protect the design. By the way, in French, oh la la only takes one "o". The North Americans added an "o" somewhere along the way, lol!

The White Pear Tree

Et voilĂ , oh la la!

The White Pear Tree

(Sorry, this last pic is a little fuzzy.) It is now in my older daughter's bedroom, where she uses it to prop her American doll. 

Here's hoping you get some lovely spring weather you way too!




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  1. Oh la la.. c'est tres beau! For some reason when we're yard saling together, my husband always makes me pass on chairs like those. Maybe if I showed him what you did to this one, he'd change his mind next time.

  2. Soooo cute. I have always loved those little chairs but never really knew what to do with them. This is wonderful Nicole. You have such a creative eye!

    That looks fabulous - love love love the stripes!

  4. I believe you're the Queen of Spray Paint!

    You are sooo crafty, I'm almost