Sunday, February 20, 2011

More info about my awesome sugar creamer set

Thank you all for your comments on my sugar creamer set post of yesterday.

Vonlipi steered me in the right direction by pointing out that the L stood for Libbey glass. From there, a little research revealed that this is from a line called Libbey Rock Sharpe (Rock Sharpe was a co. that Libbey acquired), and the pattern is aqua pinecone. I'm still trying to determine the year this pattern was issued. I'm guesstimating in the 40's?

I have seen coffee cups and drinking glasses in the same pattern on Ebay and such.

And then Vintage Christine posted about her wonderful matching coffee carafe over at her blog, a sight to behold!

We should get our glassware together and have a coffee break!


  1. I saw her post (Vintage Christine) and knew it was the same pattern, but you also saw it so it was kismet that they were both posted so close together! Love that pattern!

  2. I'm glad you were able to figure out what the cream & sugar are. I love that pattern!

    Now that everyone was so helpful, maybe they'll hope over to my blog ( and help me figure out what pattern my turquoise & gold tumblers are...I'm not much good at identifying glass.

  3. Hi! I just linked over from Vintage Christine. You have the best blog title in the whole wide world. Merci!