Thursday, March 31, 2011

Featured Etsy Seller: 3dots

In my spare time, I like to design and sell jewelry as attested by the link to La Belle Poire, my little Etsy shop, on the right of this blog. While I enjoy jewelry making tremendously, I'm still relatively new at it and I realize when I visit other Etsy shops that I still have oodles to learn about design, marketing, selling, etc. My little shop is very modest in comparison.

One particular Etsy shop that really grabbed my attention was Lucie Veilleux's 3dots, so much so that I HAD to buy one of her fabulous creations:

Isn't it lovely?

And look how pretty her packaging was:

A nice touch!

Here are other spectacular items from her shop:

Not only is she extremely creative, she has great craftsmanship! Her pieces have great symmetry and are impeccably finished. They are earthy, organic, yet elegant. I love how she created a special and unique style and niche that are truly her own.

While it may seem counterproductive for me to feature someone else's jewelry, I find it helps me grow creatively to observe and appreciate other people's work.

Are you tempted yet? You can visit her shop at:


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my work here!! I'm so glad you like your new necklace!! Have fun making jewelries! :)

  2. Wow...Those are cool...Very eclectic chic...

    have a great weekend...


  3. That shop makes mine look like a ratty old flea!

    I love her necklaces, they are so retro and modern all at once! I added her to my circle :)