Friday, March 23, 2012

Pink is not just for little girls

From my garden - De tout, de rien
I have always loved pink. To me, it's the ultimate feminine colour and it expresses romance and softness like no other colour. 

In my first studio apartment, I painted a feature wall pink. I needed something to liven up that dingy hole and pink has always had a way of making me feel happy.

When we got married, I chose pink as my wedding's theme colour, in spite of my future sister-in-law's protests. She much prefers frumpy beiges and khakis. (I was thinking of asking her to be a bridesmaid, but needless to say, after those protests, she wasn't asked, lol.)

I painted our first bedroom in our first house in dusty rose. Our duvet cover had large cream and pink cabbage roses. My husband was sweet enough to let me get this out of my system.

And I was happy when we had our two daughters because it meant I could use a lot of pink. And I did. Lots of tutus and ballet slippers. ;^)

Today, I've eased up on the pink in my home, but I love seeing touches of it used in decorating. When done right, it just adds an element of romance to any room.

Love the soft pink with the crisp black - Suzanne Kassler
Here pink is mixed with cream and gold.

Pink is mixed with very trendy elements here. I want that giraffe!

Elle Decor - This gorgeous cream settee pops against the pink wall and vintage elements.

Pink unexpectedly mixed with a cheerful turquoise. Stunning! - Better Homes & Gardens

How rich looking is this room! Just a couple of pink accents to punch up the taupes - Better Homes & Gardens

How about this scrumptious Chocolate Kisses toile knob? It would pretty up any furniture.

A study in contrast: an industrial cement wall is a perfect backdrop to show off the ultra-feminine curves of this gorgeous settee and the rich chandelier dripping with crystals. A beautiful collection of pink and mauve silk pillows punch up the look.

Again, just a touch of pink in the pillows, but it livens up the gold.

Stunning bathroom by Betty Lou Phillips. A perfect way to not commit permanently or invest expensively into one colour is by making all the main elements neutral, such as in this room, and just adding colour with the accessories. In this case, pink towels, easily replaceable, provide the pop of colour.

So opulent looking!! - Suzanne Kassler

Lovely chairs! The gold touches are perfect.

So nice with the grey marble!
I may just have to redo a room in pink after showing you these! 

How about you, have you used any pink in your grownup rooms?


  1. this was a great post.
    it is funny....
    i never liked pink until recently/
    (my mother shoved it down my throat at every instance that she could}
    so i guess i am a recovering pink person.
    i do love it with blackand cream, pink, cream & gold make a delicious and soothing room.

    xxx not a bad post for someone who has been struggling with 'inspiration'

    love xx

  2. I have a pink powder room with black and cream marble flooring and it's my favorite room in the house! I will never tire of pink. xo

  3. Well, my home is all about PINK. I didn't really grow up with PINK in our house. Even though it was just my sister and I, it seemed my mom liked blue more than PINK.
    My hubby and my boys are ok with so much PINK in the cottage.
    LOVE your images of such a pretty colour in these times of so much "beige".
    This one made me HAPPY!!!!
    Have a great week.
    LOVE Claudie

  4. I just put two and two together!!! Da, You just ordered ASCP from us....I'm slow sometimes!!! I love pink too. I haven't decorated with much pink recently, but love it. We did a few pieces at the store in the new Antoinette. Much like the soft pinks in your post. I just loved all the pink inspiration.
    Please tell me how your projects turn out and call if you have any questions. that's what we are there for.
    Thank you for sticking around and always commenting on my posts. Sorry I haven't reciprocated! the store is keeping me quite busy! You must stop by some time when you are in the area.
    talk soon

  5. I am a huge pink fan too... always have been... xv

  6. Thanks for stopping by to visit me! I always look forward to it!
    I love pink taffeta! The curtains look like ball gowns!

  7. Such a beautiful post. You chose the most beautiful images.

  8. Thank you, as you can see by my comments above,I loved your post too.
    take care

  9. I like the soft pinks and even used blush pink when I got married 12 years ago. Never used it in my house, but my daughter is wanting it for her room. She's a HUGE pink fan and all things girly!