Saturday, June 2, 2012

Feeling a little blue

But in a good way. Last time, my post was all about pink, so I thought I would do a 180 and post about blue.

Our living room, dining room and master bedroom have a lot of soft blues. I guess, subconsciously, because I thought it would help us achieve a higher level of relaxation and serenity. I think it works to some extent.

First off, the best shade of blue there is: Tiffany blue. This little box has the power of 
sending many a girl's heart aflutter.

And when the big day comes, why not have the bridesmaids match the little blue box?

How about just a touch of blue to make this exquisite cream bathroom stand out even more?

A feminine, curvy settee against a robin egg blue wall with ornate touches of grey. Delicious!

I love the blue background of this built-in armoire and the ornate fan detail above.

No doubt inspired by the sea, the magnificent turquoise of this 
bedroom is perfectly contrasted by touches of orange.

Oh and this bathroom! Feel the breeze as you relax in this opulent 
tub overlooked by a whimsical buddha! How zen!

So inviting!

This powder room artfully mixes old world charm with modern. 

Not sure about the window treatments, but the rest of the room sings to me. 
The inexpensive Ikea coffee table is a perfect accent.

Again, a pretty settee with fantastic pillows. Love the shell 
sconce and the gorgeous wallpaper.

Here the pieces in this room are mostly traditional, but the punchy 
blue gives it a modern feel. The tufted banquette is noteworthy.

I hope all this lovely blue helped you relax somewhat. I know I need it. We have been uber-busy. May is always a typically busy month for us. We have a couple of birthdays, mother's day, etc. Spring also means working in the yard. Back-breaking labour. And finally, we have mostly been trying to get the house organized, in between the routine cleaning and cooking, etc. This part is never done it seems.

To add to the mix, we have had to attend the funeral of my best friend's mother in Montreal. She was like a second mother to me in many respects. I will miss her. Then my daughter had her high school graduation dance. We held a little get together beforehand for her limo group and I put out a little spread for the kids and the parents who came to take pictures. The sun was out thankfully!

They had a lovely evening. Another milestone achieved!

So this explains why my postings are sporadical. I also want to post about the pieces of furniture I make over, but being so darn busy, I can only work on it by stealing little moments here and there. A coat of paint one day, let dry. The next day, too busy. Then another coat, but no time to finish, I have to drive somebody somewhere. That's how I roll. I'll be back soon. Hopefully. In the meanwhile, I'm going to relax in my blue living room.


  1. You had me at BLUE : )
    ANd of course my fav Tiffany's blue boxes. Our living space is blue and it good for the soul. I can assure you that.
    Sorry to hear about your friend's mom. I know you told me you live in Mtl. right? or near T.O. I'm loosing my head sorry....
    Love all your pretty pics today and would LOVE to see your make-overs.
    Sending you love

  2. i adore the window treatments in the last image.
    and i love painting inside of cabinets etc in a contrasting color.


  3. Thanks for visiting me today! These shots are gorgeous- love the curvy settee room and the old world powder room especially. :) I know how you feel with slow progress- so many things are alllmost done, bit not quite...there are only so many hours in a day. I'm sorry to hear about your loss- and with the happy graduation of your daughter, I'm sure it was an emotional month. Hope things slow down a bit so you can catch your breath!

  4. Yes, make sure you fit in some time to relax! I am dying over the blue armoire in the dining room.... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! xo

  5. I LOVE that blue armoire and chairs in the dining room! That's so unique and gorgeous!

  6. These are just stunning examples of blue - in love with all of them but the 4th photo ( antique settee against Robin blue - takes my breath away )
    Congratulations to your daughter!!! -
    and I am sorry to hear of your best friends Mother Nicole.