Sunday, January 6, 2013

De Tout, De Rien becomes The White Pear Tree!

Don't adjust your computer! From now on, my blog will be called "The White Pear Tree". New year, new look. Same blog, same old me, just a fresh new blog name and identity, compliments of my talented daughter. (She is doing a bachelor's degree in conjunction with a college diploma in Multimedia Design and Production. Sorry. Not bragging. Just proud!) I even have a favicon now! (It's the little white pear on the left hand side of my blog address. Yeah, I didn't know what a favicon was either, lol!)

Why the name White Pear Tree, you ask? Well, it's a nod to my husband's last name and my maiden name. Kind of a merger of our two families if you will.

Let me know how you like the new look!



  1. I absolutely love it Nicole!!!
    Gorgeous - I have to get an update this year too -
    Yours is perfect

  2. I really love the new look and the Eiffel Tower is a great addition with your love of Paris!! You should be proud of your daughter....not every daughter knows what a favicon is!! :)

  3. Love the new look and your daughter is talented! Brag away!! xo

  4. Hey Nicole, I just figured this out now...a bit late but I have to say I love it. I love the name too...original and sticks with you. I have thought about changing my blogger name as it was sort of tongue in cheek at the me thinking. Anyway, looks wonderful.