Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A paint project from before Christmas

I took a lengthy break from painting for the holidays, enjoying spending time with hubby, who also took some vacation days, and the girls who were home from school. We had a great time, went to the movies a lot (we saw The Life of Pi, Les Misérables and The Silver Lining Playbook, all great movies) and went shopping a lot.

Now that the holidays are over, I'm finding it hard getting back into a routine. Am I the only one thinking that we spend way too much time eating, drinking, sleeping in and sitting around during that time and then you need a kick in the rear to get back to normal? We should start calling it The Great Christmastime Life Interruption.

I had a nice routine going before then, keeping really busy painting at the store and then everything came to a screeching halt.

I was so busy painting in fact that I realized that the last project I posted about was my little Florence and grey bench, which was done a while ago. I have painted a lot of things since then, but they are all at the store and I neglected to take pics of a lot of the befores. I only have the afters to show you, such as this one big piece I love, this amazing vintage-ish (from the 70's) Thomasville French Court triple dresser. I did try to find a before picture on line, even a piece from the same collection, but to no avail.

This beautiful piece is solid wood. (Sorry, the natural light is not always that great at the store.)

The White Pear Tree
I painted it in Annie Sloan French Linen and highlighted the details in Old Ochre, which offers an interesting contrast, not as stark as, say, Pure White.

The White Pear Tree
I just love the escutcheons on the middle doors!!

The White Pear Tree
I did the inside drawers in Old Ochre, which I think is a nice detail when you open the doors

The White Pear Tree
I don't think my pictures really do justice to the size of that dresser. It is quite large and could easily be used as a server.

I realize I don't often do large pieces such as this one, and yet there's probably a higher demand for them, so I've been picking up larger pieces in the past few months. Also, they are not necessarily that much more work, as the surfaces are not as detailed like with little pieces. Those can actually be really time consuming.

Well, time to get disciplined and return to my before Christmas routine!!


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  1. Just gorgeous Nicole - perfect combination!

  2. So beautiful!!! I love those colors together:)

  3. Beautiful paint job and thanks for sharing at Wow.

  4. Very pretty, love the color combo. Dee from My Painted Stuff

  5. Gorgeous piece Nicole. love the name change too!!!